Monday, April 5, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial~ Taking Photos for Etsy

A crucial benefit to sales is your item photos. They're the first thing your buyers see, and they represent you as a seller. Quality in your photos is very important and can be the deciding factor in a customer's purchase decision. Here is a list of tips that I would like to offer for anyone struggling with their product photography. I hope it can help fellow etsians increase views and sales!

~ Find your style and stick with a theme. Give your viewers something to identify you with. Try to photo items in a similar manner, as this will also make your shop look well formated.

~ Great ideas for photo backdrops are scrapbook pages, books, maps, wood, ext. However, remember to not let your backgrounds distract from your product. A good idea is to experiment with contrasting colors, and try to find ways to let your product stand out.

~ Try using natural sunlight rather than bulbs (especially with jewelry). This helps bring out the accurate colors in your items.

~ Use all 5 picture spots for each item you list. Experiment with different angles to show your buyers exactly what they would get from a purchase.

~ If you choose to use a model, make sure the product is your focal point of the picture

I hope I've helped! Good luck and happy sales!


  1. thank you for the tips, I need it :)
    Mary Beth

  2. Photos are something we struggle with. Your tips are helpful and inspiring me to go take some shots right now! =)