Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Get Your Home Smelling Like Autumn!

I am so excited for Autumn, and I recently purchased some seasonal melting tarts from a fellow etsian~ I am very impressed! Shipping took only 3 days, the scents are wonderful, and the tarts themself are adorable! Have a look at this great Etsy shop! Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Get Ready for Autumn's Beautiful Fashion Colors~!

Say goodbye to the blazing sun and get ready for a bright and bold Autumn! This is the perfect time to start shopping for back to school/fall fashion statements~ soft reds, toasted oranges, warm browns and tans, and crisp greys are the colors for a tredy fall wardrobe.

*~*~NEW Modular messenger II ..... in grey

*~*~Knit Fingerless Gloves

*~*~Twilight Necklace

*~*~(i.m one of the fallen leaves covering your garden) Skirt

*~*~Slate Grey Steniciled Vine Shirt

*~*~Flora Flat Shoes

*~*~Autumn leaves neck warmer/cowl

*~*~Through the Woods Bracelet

*~*~Flower Leaf Hair Pins Red Gold Brown . RUSTIC

*~*~AUTUMN LEAVES - Handmade, hand dyed patchwork clutch

*~*~Knitting Hand Knitted Bamboo Shrug Long Slevees

*~*~Vintage Taupe Tooled Leather Heels

*~*~Foggy Bottom Hat

*~*~Sweet Pea - Pure Organic Mineral Eye Color

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Glimpse of Reality Scavenger Hunt Giveaway!

Get in gear for an online, scavenger hunt giveaway by! Starting 7-11-10 you can complete the scavenger hunt below, and enter to win your choice of a FREE piece of jewelry from A Glimpse of Reality! Each question can be answered by researching my 2 shops, facebook, blog and twitter~ Contest closes approx. at11:59 p.m. on 8-11-10, and winners will be announced 8-12-10! Good Luck!!


ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive his or her choice of any ONE item in my jewelry store,, *excluding vintage items* FREE of charge!

TWO 1ST PLACE WINNERS will receive 50% of his or her choice of any ONE item in my jewelry store,, *excluding vintage items*!

FOUR 2ND PLACE WINNERS will receive 25% of his or her choice of any ONE item in my jewelry store,, *excluding vintage items*!


* ONE entry per person, per E-mail
* Entire scavenger hunt must be completed in order to qualify
* Send entries and/or questions to and title the e-mail "Scavenger Hunt"
* Winners will choose any piece of jewelry from, except for items within the "Vintage" section
* All prizes and free shipping will not be valid until the contest ends on 8-12-10 and participants are notified
*When prizes or free shipping are redeemed, the customer must choose their item(s) and message me through my e-mail or etsy store so discounts/free shipping can applied prior to payment


**~~~**A Glimpse of Reality Scavenger Hunt**~~~**

1. What date did A Glimpse of Reality join Etsy?

2. What are A Glimpse of Reality's favorite materials?

3. What date did The Craft Trunk join Etsy?

4. What is 1 of the items featured in the Craft Trunk?

5.What is the scavenger hunt password? (Find it in a post on A Glimpse of Reality's Facebook fan page)

6. Does A Glimpse of Reality have more or less than 500 followers on Twitter?

7. If you win this scavenger hunt, what jewelry item will you choose as your FREE prize?!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all the wonderful, hardworking, and beautiful mom's out there!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sale in The Craft Trunk!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blue Moose Creations

Jewelry by Challene

Handmade jewelry using sterling silver, semi-precious gemstones and pearls.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Craft~ Reed Difussers

A wonderful project idea for home, that is fun and easy to make are reed difussers! They are simple to make, look great, and smell even better!

What You'll Need
A decorative, glass jar
Liquid popouri or scented oil
Decorative, fake flowers
Stones or gravel

1. Tie you ribbon around your jar in a bow (or however you prefer).

2. Fill you glass with your choice of colored gravel or rock.

3. Add reeds and arrange flowers (clip to desired heigth).

4. Add your liquid scent and place in a safe place, high away from pets and children.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial~ Taking Photos for Etsy

A crucial benefit to sales is your item photos. They're the first thing your buyers see, and they represent you as a seller. Quality in your photos is very important and can be the deciding factor in a customer's purchase decision. Here is a list of tips that I would like to offer for anyone struggling with their product photography. I hope it can help fellow etsians increase views and sales!

~ Find your style and stick with a theme. Give your viewers something to identify you with. Try to photo items in a similar manner, as this will also make your shop look well formated.

~ Great ideas for photo backdrops are scrapbook pages, books, maps, wood, ext. However, remember to not let your backgrounds distract from your product. A good idea is to experiment with contrasting colors, and try to find ways to let your product stand out.

~ Try using natural sunlight rather than bulbs (especially with jewelry). This helps bring out the accurate colors in your items.

~ Use all 5 picture spots for each item you list. Experiment with different angles to show your buyers exactly what they would get from a purchase.

~ If you choose to use a model, make sure the product is your focal point of the picture

I hope I've helped! Good luck and happy sales!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Glimpse of Reality~

Here's a sneak peek of things to come!

Remember to check for new items daily!

Super Sunday Sales!

Get ready guys, here are some amazing deals you can take advantage of RIGHT NOW!





Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's Your Favorite Fairytale?

I need ideas for my shop, and it would be so helpful if everyone listed their favorite fairytales! Thank you!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Supply it Saturday~ All That Glitters

My weekly Supply blog is spotlighting glitter! Take a look at these dazzling finds~ you know you love it!

German Glass Glitter - Pure - Many Many Colors

Glitter Ribbon- 10 yds

24 Color Glitter Powder SPARKLY Shape Spangles

Any Color Glitter Flake Hula Hoop or craft Tape

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday

A great crafting idea for parents to do with children of any age is painting flower pots!

What you'll need!

Flower Pot(s)
Acrylic Paint(s)
Paint Brushes/Sponges
Stencils (if desired)
Flower or Veggie Seeds
Planting Shovel
Watering Can

My daughter, Elizabeth, and I started off by painting our pots. I painted mine white and made polka dots by tracing a toilet paper roll, and I helped Elizabeth paint hers two different colors, finished off by writting, "Elizabeth's Flower Garden". We also made one for her two grandmothers in hopes they'll bloom in time for Mother's Day. Then we took them outside and planted our flowers! I matched flower seeds with the color of paint so when they bloom the flowers will match the pots. I hope you take our idea and make it your own. It would be fun to plant a variety of fruits and veggies as well!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Feature Friday~ Dana Laymon Photography and Design

I was browsing for a shop to feature as my first post, and when I looked over DaynaLaymon's shop I knew I had found the one.

~50% of all her sales go to helping a village in Boyer, Haiti~

Her photography is stunning and beautiful! You can find customizable products such as Birth Announcements and "Save the Date". It's a very colorful shop full of positive photos! Best of all, she ships for free! So if you are planning a wedding, or have a little one on the way, this is the shop to check out!

~Twitter at